Injury Prevention

Why do my joints hurt?

Joint injuries often occur due to an imbalance or dysfunction within the groups of muscles surrounding a joint. These injuries can can be avoided by making your current weaknesses your strengths. Emerge is equipped with expert personnel and the right equipment to develop you into a high functioning version of yourself. Our team of Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists have the knowledge and experience to elevate your wellness and fitness. 

Common Dysfunctions Leading to Injury

Poor Posture – Slouching can compromise the movements of your shoulder and neck joints. This compromised neck and shoulder joint movement often leads to shoulder impingements, headaches and neck injuries.

Sedentary Lifestyle – If you’re spending the majority of the day in a seated position your hip flexors become shortened and the hip stabilizers weaken. This disrupts the system your body is designed to move within and can result in back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and ankle/foot pain.

Poor Gait Cycle – Because the average person spends the majority of the day in a seated position, when it’s time to walk or jog, your muscles may not be firing properly. This creates a compromised gait putting unnecessary forces on your lower body joints.

Poor Lifting Mechanics – Many back spasms occur when lifting something in a position that is unfriendly to your spine. The two contributing factors are lifting mechanics and muscle activation. It’s crucial to understand proper lifting mechanics to maintain a healthy pain free spine.

Corrective exercise and manual treatment can help these problems.

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