5 Tips for Healthy Urination

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pushing to pee is a common habit that can often lead to confusion for the pelvic floor muscles. During urination, these muscles are meant to relax and allow for fluid flow out of the bladder without any force or pressure. However, if you find yourself pushing and forcing your pee out when you go to the bathroom, then you are actually teaching your brain to activate your pelvic floor when it should be relaxing. This can lead to a start/stop flow pattern, which is not desirable.

Fortunately, there are five effective techniques you can use to break this habit and improve your peeing technique:

1) Take your time: Don’t rush when you pee as this increases the pressure around the urethra and bladder neck and can lead to difficulty releasing the urine.

2) Find a comfortable position: Experiment with different positions in order to find one that is most comfortable for you. This could include leaning forward, arching your back or sitting upright on the toilet seat.

3) Visualize relaxation: As you begin to urinate, focus on consciously relaxing the muscles in your pelvic floor.

4) Use the diaphragmatic breathing technique: As you are peeing, take slow deep breaths and focus on allowing your stomach to expand as you inhale and fall as you exhale. This will help to relax the surrounding muscles.

5) Take breaks throughout urination: If a start/stop pattern is occurring, take a few seconds to relax in between each flow. This will help to ensure that the pressure around the urethra and bladder neck has been released.

By following these five techniques, you can break your habit of pushing to pee and improve your peeing technique overall. With practice and consistency, you’ll be able to enjoy a smoother, more comfortable flow when you go to the bathroom.

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