Registered Dietitian

A personalized approach to nutritional counseling

Your personal nutrition can be challenging and frustrating to navigate alone. Working with a registered dietitian leads to a deeper understanding of how the food you eat is affecting your body and health. By working one on one with an expert dietitian, you have the opportunity to explore your food habits and create new ones.  Improving overall wellness at the same time as learning about new recipes and healthier alternatives to your current diet is within reach.

Jennifer Sherman, a registered dietitian, is passionate about helping with you to create personalized strategies that fit your lifestyle and goals. She has experience working with people with a magnitude of issues related to food.  Some include eating disorders, fueling your best workout and active lifestyle, and maintaining a diet for preventative healthcare.  Jennifer’s specialties include weight management, whole food plant based eating, heart health, and diabetes.   

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Jennifer Sherman, MS, RD, LDN, Nutritionist/Dietitian in Chicago Jennifer Sherman, Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RD, LDN

What does nutrition counseling with a dietitian look like?

Jennifer teaches people meal planning, cooking skills, and ways to integrate meals at restaurants into new lifestyle habits.  She educates about the basics of nutrition and the way it impacts general wellbeing and overall health.  Jennifer works with clients to customize a plan based on their specific goals.  Whether the goals are to reduce weight, lower cholesterol, improve IBS symptoms, or improve blood work; working with a registered dietitian can help. She uses a science-based approach leading to a personalized strategy that helps people meet their goals.  The personal approach includes making small, achievable changes to the existing diet with one on one guidance throughout the process. She is passionate about working with you to find ways to incorporate great nutrition into your lifestyle. 

Jennifer earned her master’s degree in human nutrition from UIC in 2016 and has worked in Chicago as a licensed and registered dietitian ever since. She currently is seeing all clients via telehealth during this time.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary introduction with Jennifer please call us at (312)598-9991 to schedule.